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Why Content Works — Or Not

Content marketing involves “giving away” value in the form of content in exchange for website visitors, shares, or leads. Informative and useful blog posts and white papers are just a few examples.

This strategy is ubiquitous because it’s effective. It also has a built-in way to disqualify leads, since low-quality ones will simply unsubscribe from you after they get their free (fill in the blank).

Now that valuable, free content is everywhere, however, boring white papers and thinly veiled sales pitches won’t cut it, no matter how earnest you are.

Your content competes with all other content (read: not just blog posts and white papers) for the same thing: Attention. Can your current content compete with Netflix, cats, Instagram influencers, and romance novels? If you think it only needs to compete with content from your competitors, I’ve got some bad news.

Can you relate?

“Our website reads like stereo instructions. It doesn’t even sound like a human being, let alone us.”

“I’m a decent writer, but I can’t quite capture our brand.”

“I know our website copy is rough, but we’re too busy ‘minding the store’ to deal with it.”

“I have no idea what customers need to see on the website. We’re just sort of winging it.”

“I have no idea how to do SEO on our static pages.”

What Great Content 'Buys' You

The right content at the right time, written in an engaging and distinct way, and at an accessible reading level, can supercharge your brand. Whether it’s gated (behind a form) or not, quality content keeps customers (and potential customers) coming back to you. Over time, these little touches build trust and confidence while identifying (or at least teaching you something about) your best prospects.

Content isn’t so much about quantity, but research, authority, and, yes, luck. One of my favorite examples is the backyard chickens post from Allstate Insurance, which drove a LOT of traffic but didn’t lead to many conversions.

Content marketing is a long game, with many players, in which the rules are always changing. You might not win, but the fastest way to lose is by being boring or inauthentic.

How Great Content Gets Made
Timeframe: Varies

Content results from content strategy, which comes from knowing your brand and your customers. “Build it and they will come” isn’t a strategy, which is why a deep-dive into your brand and any existing content is critical to success.

Associated Services

Video and Audio

Video is still a great way to encapsulate your brand, the people behind it, or the clients in front of it. We have more than ten years of experience shooting and editing video.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, a.k.a. animation, can be a terrific way to answer the question, “Who are you and what do you do?” It can also add interest to web content or video projects.

Design and Layout

Updating your print or digital collateral (e.g. brochures, banner ads, corporate identity, swag) often goes hand-in-hand with a content refresh. We can handle design and layout in addition to copy.

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