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Cody Pinkston

My Philosophy

  1. What you want to say < what your customers need.
  2. The simplest message usually wins.
  3. Comprehension with speed is critical.


It’s not about what you want to say.


The simplest message usually wins.


Comprehension with speed is where it’s at.


Cody is a clear and thorough communicator with a deep understanding of marketing and communications, and a rare degree of technical know-how. He promptly replies to any communication from us, whether it be a question, a concern, or a cry for help. Best of all, he completes work quickly and has a knack for making challenging tasks seem simple.

Renee Moseley

We’ve worked with Cody and his team for over 2 years now and we will continue to do so. Cody is a great communicator and has a true knack for creating the most effective message, in great part because he first listens … and then sorts through to find the right answers. He’s made significant improvements in how we communicate with clients through our media, website and advertising.

Bill Brownfield

Cody Pinkston has such an incredible vocabulary, I’m feeling a little insecure in finding the right words to sing his praises. He’s a seriously creative guy; able to ideate wildly divergent and on-strategy concepts with lightning speed.

In the last two years, Cody’s written all sorts of marketing communications and produced video for me. He’s expertly written long-form content, promotional email subject lines and body copy, and website headlines and copy. And he’s always got good ideas on images to support his written word.

Cody’s also been an invaluable resource as we’ve expanded our use of video. He’s equally comfortable scripting as he is setting up a shoot, working the cameras, and editing. He executes it all with professionalism at an affordable cost.

Jeff Robertson

Trying to find a copywriter that is able to understand readability, usability, research, and SEO chops are rather difficult. You’re essentially looking for a unicorn copywriter, slaying grammar and able to connect with different audiences. Then enters Cody, a truly unicorn copywriter. His ability to understand the ideal users who will actually consume the content he is writing, his processes, methodologies and his focus on hitting deadlines are top notch. If you’re looking for an excellent copywriter, you can’t go wrong with Cody. I sincerely hope you don’t hire him which will make his availability for my company less, which would stink. Seriously, he’s that good.

Blake Denman
Susi Thelen

Cody is such an asset to the College of Education here at the UO. He is bright, articulate and brings creative vision to everything he does. Cody brought a type of strategic insight to the College that it needed to takes its place among the elite schools in the nation. It is always a pleasure to work jointly with Cody when I get the chance.

Susi Thelen
Vance Morton

The phrase “ahead of his time” may be a tad overused in the recommendations game, but in the case of Cody Pinkston it is 100 percent spot-on … he is a professional communicator with that true sense of originality that everyone seems to be seeking and very few are finding. I pray regularly that I’ll have the opportunity to collaborate and match wits with his genius again on a professional basis.

Vance Morton
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