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Personality Goes a Long Way

If message is the what and tone is the how, then voice is the who.

Take a few seconds and think about who you picture when you read a chunk of typical corporate copy. Let’s say it’s a mission statement, my personal favorite jewel in the corporate-speak crown:

Globodyne Industries’ mission is to deliver next-generation integration solutions that surprise and delight customers and our worldwide logistics partners alike.

At best, you might be picturing someone in sensible business casuals standing in front of a PowerPoint deck. More likely, you don’t picture anyone in particular. Why?

Because absolutely no one on planet Earth talks like that. If they did, they’d have no friends and nobody would love them.

How much time and money does your organization spend trying to differentiate its products or services? To carve out a niche? Now think about how much time and money it spends trying to sound different?

We both know the answer to that.

A well-developed brand voice is criminally underused as a way to set your brand apart. But when it’s done right, that brand becomes beautifully distinct and often FUN. Think Dollar Shave Club and Squatty Potty. Patagonia and Geico and Woot!.

Why put the effort into making a distinct product and a brand to match if you’re not going to match it to a distinct voice in the words you use to make the phone ring?

Every company wants to tell you “who we are.” If it’s actually distinct, does that come through in their copywriting?  Probably not. Voice is a golden opportunity for brand distinction in a competitive market, from menus to websites to advertising.

Consistency is key. Zoom + Enhance will help you build and define a distinct voice, then be able to embody it when you need something new.

Readability scores for this page:

Average grade level: 7
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